What is a Will?

Posted by ANGELA RICH HARTMANN | Dec 15, 2020

A Will, sometimes called a "Last Will and Testament," is a document that designates how your assets and possessions will be distributed and, if necessary, appoints individuals to care for you minor children upon your death. A Will will appoint an an Executor or Executrix, who serves to administer your Will, paying debts and taxes and distributing your remaining assets as dictated in your Will. Those who you want your assets to be distributed to will be named as Beneficiaries in the Will. Provisions appointing a Guardian and, sometimes, a Trustee will be included for those with minor children. If you die without a Will, then you will have died intestate, and your estate will be distributed in accordance laws governing intestate succession.
While your estate may not necessarily escheat or revert to the State, it may not automatically be distributed as you assume or intend. Likewise, and more importantly, your children may be placed with family that you would have entrusted to another, or similarly situated next of kin, for example, two sets of grandparents, may engage in legal battle to assert their right. An estate plan, including a Will, is important to not only avoid intestate succession and guardianship battles, but also to ensure your legacy and your directives given upon your death.


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