Real Estate Law

A real estate attorney is a valuable part of any real estate transaction.  Whether you are buying your first home or selling your fifteenth office building, having a trusted attorney at your side can help ensure you understand the process and that your interests are protected.

Residential Purchase and Sale

Buying or Selling your home is, in many case, the single most significant transaction you will make in your lifetime.  For that reason alone, having an attorney to guide you through the process is a value that should not be overlooked.  North Jersey and South Jersey differ slightly in some customary real estate procedures and costs.  However, in both cases, an attorney should be consulted.  

An experienced real estate attorney will be able to review the Contract of Sale and ensure favorable terms are include to protect your interest and limit your liability.  While agreements between the parties may be discussed and even penciled into a Contract, without a properly drafted clause evidencing that agreement, you may not be safeguarded in the event of breach.  

Many people mistakenly believe that there is no need for an attorney and that a realtor is sufficient to lead them through the process.  While a transaction can commence and be completed without the assistance of counsel, and while many, many realtors who are extremely knowledgable and helpful, only an attorney is lawfully permitted to advise you on your legal implications.  Moreover, an attorney's fee is not contingent on the transaction moving forward, and can therefore  objectively represent your interest. Further, an attorney may be able to negotiate credits or advise if there are items contained on your closing disclosure that are improperly applied to you, potentially even saving you money.  

Perhaps the most significant value of an attorney is the peace of mind it will bring to you.  Both buying and selling your home can be extremely emotional. Often, there are bumps in the road that can increase those emotions.  An experienced attorney provides an objective perspective and legal skills necessary to safeguard your interest.  Your questions will be answered, concerns addressed, stress reduced and you will be able to  focus on your family and the move at hand.   

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Commercial Real Estate

Buying, selling, leasing, financing and developing a commercial property are complex in their nature.   From negotiation, to contract to close, and even post closing, there are many steps that must occur before any transaction is complete, and many issues that can arise.  A commercial real estate attorney can take care of many of these steps for you, and help address issues when and if they arise. Commercial transactions often include concerns relating to construction, financing, environmental issues, inspections, zoning, land use, development, taxes, and title.  Having an attorney on board from the outset can steer the direction on how to address such matters.  

Real estate lawyers help you negotiate the sale, analyze a contract, explain the purchase agreement and facilitate closing. They will be able to recognizing irregular and unfavorable contract terms and identifying potential pitfalls. During the transaction, an attorney is also able to answer any questions that might arise or make a recommendation. Not only will having a commercial real estate attorney bring value by protecting your interests, they will likely make the transaction less stressful experience, which could prove invaluable.

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Hartmann Law has extensive experience, and has guided hundreds of clients through the purchase and sale of their real estate interests.  Taking great pride in offering personalized service,  Angela Hartmann dedicates her time to learn and understand each Client's needs, not only as it relates to the legal matter, but as it relates to them as a person.  Doing so, she has able to successfully develop long lasting professional relationships with many of her Clients.  With gratitude, each new Client who has been referred by an existing or former Client,  is seen as the highest compliment of her service, and a sign that personal attention is an unequaled service that remains sought in the automated, impersonal digital age. Contact Hartmann Law today.

Hartmann Law provides trusted counsel to individuals, families, businesses and corporations help navigate matters that require legal services  including residential and commercial real estate, estate planning and business law.