Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planing is not just for the wealthy.  It is an important planning tool for every adult.  In fact, creating an Estate Plan can be one of the most important things you do to protect your family and interests and to ensure your legacy.  

Generally, an Estate Plan will set forth instruction for distribution of your assets and will provide for your care upon incapacitation and death.   It may appoint a guardian for your minor children should something happen to you.  It may include provisions for beneficiaries who are under 18 or who have special needs.  

It can govern who makes decisions on your behalf if you are unable.  It can provide instruction for the medical care you would like administered or that you specifically reject.  It can provide for the care of your pets, and the succession of your business. 

An estate plan has the potential to minimize taxes, protect assets, and avoid probate.  It is more than simply leaving your assets to your beneficiaries when you die.  It has the capacity to assign protections to your  beneficiaries beyond your death, and to keep private your affairs.  

An estate plan will allow you to create the legacy you want leave behind.  It will ensure that your wishes are honored after you die.  It will likely reduce stress, confusion and overwhelm, when those who love you must also be processing their emotion associated with your incapacity or death.  

Creating an Estate Plan can be one of the most generous things you can do for those left behind.  It remove their obligation to make decisions unanswered by you.  It can prevent family squabbles and in-fighting.  It can avoid litigation caused by lack of clarity and hurt feelings.  Properly planned and created, your Estate Plan, can define your legacy, protect your loved ones, and provide you with confidence knowing that your wishes will be carried out as you intend. Click HERE to contact Hartmann Law LLC.

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For more than 20 years, Angela Rich Hartmann has successfully guided her clients through personal legal matters, including the difficult and often emotional process of estate planning.   Taking great pride in offering personalized service,  Angela Hartmann dedicates her time to learn and understand each Client's needs, not only as it relates to the legal matter, but as it relates to them as a person.  Perhaps even more so than other areas of law, understanding a Client's objectives, goals, and values are essential within within Estate Law.  Properly planned, their Legacy is ensured.  Making this connection, Angela Hartmann has been able to successfully develop long lasting professional relationships with many of her Clients.  With gratitude, each new Client who has been referred by an existing or former Client,  is seen as the highest compliment of her service, and a sign that personal attention is an unequaled service that remains sought in the automated, impersonal digital age.Contact Hartmann Law today.

Hartmann Law provides trusted counsel to individuals, families, businesses and corporations help navigate matters that require legal services  including residential and commercial real estate, estate planning and business law.

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