Life & Legacy CAMP

What is the Life & Legacy CAMP?  

CAMP is an acronym for our Life and Legacy Care And Maintenance Program.    This program is offered to our Clients who have engaged the firm to create complete Will or Trust based estate plans, and is meant to put safeguards in place to help keep your estate plan effective within its intended design.  CAMP is designed to encourage you to keep your estate current and contact the firm as soon as a life event warrants consultation or a questions arises.  

Your Efforts be Rewarded

A significant amount of time, energy and emotion is sacrificed when designing your Life and Legacy Plan.  For most, these decisions required careful through and consideration, and did not happen overnight.  CAMP is intended to help ensure your hard work is not impacted by some change in your world.

Life Changes 

Life is in constant motion and will undoubtedly change.  Personal and financial circumstances can shift due to family dynamics, children, divorces, incapacity, and the death of a loved one. Business and real property interests can change, be bought or sold.  Federal and state law is regularly amended.   Each of these instances, and countless others, can impact your estate plan.

Changes require adaptation, and crisis, even ones we prepare for, can require action. 

Your estate plan should be an ever-evolving compilation of documents that continues to give you peace of mind throughout your lifetime. 

Why Do I Need CAMP?

Your Life and Legacy Plan was designed for today with an eye on the future.  It was built to provide flexibility for what remains unknown.  But even the most comprehensive estate plan needs updating from time to time.  The Life & Legacy CAMP was created to assist our Hartmann Law client family with changing needs on a continual basis.

Membership in CAMP keeps your estate plan fresh in your mind.  CAMP benefits allows revision to your plan when and if necessary.  CAMP reminds you to update and keep current accounts related to your plan, and provides opportunities to learn of additional planning tools and resources.  Most important,  CAMP prompts you to evaluate changes that impact you, your fiduciaries, or your beneficiaries, and promptly advises changes in the law.  

When change affects you, your CAMP provides ready updates to impacted estate documents, and ensures continued peace of mind and security.

What is Included with CAMP?

  • Annual Review – Yearly personal meeting to discuss changes in your life and changes in the law to determine what, if any, part(s) of your plan must be updated, and what, if any, additional services will benefit you in light of the disclosed changes;
  • Updates –up to two changes to your plan based on changing laws and/or changing family dynamics;
  • Funding Review –periodic reminders to confirm necessary funding is complete and for you to review of your assets and monitor and advise of changes; 
  • Free New Jersey Deed –one free New Jersey deed preparation per year, on an as-needed basis, additional deeds will be prepared at a reduced rate (does not include recording fees paid to the County);
  • Docubank – DocuBank membership to provide medical professionals digital access to HealthCare Directives; 
  • Discounts – reduced fees on future services not covered under your current membership;
  • Invitations to Social and Informational Events – group meetings to discuss current estate planning trends, changes in laws, introductions to other professionals in the estate planning world, and to meet like-minded individuals;
  • Attorney Phone Calls –priority scheduling link to allow for phone consultations, as needed, relating to your Life and Legacy Plan.
  • Professional Collaboration –coordination with your other professionals (CPA, financial advisors, bankers, etc.);
  • Transition Support – one hour consult with the personal representative named in your Last Will and Testament, or with your Successor Trustee when they gain control of your Trust.

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