General Counsel

Hartmann Law wants to give your Business a strong start and foundation!

General Counsel for your Small Business

Small businesses can face a vast number of legal issues during their initial development and throughout the life of their business.  It is important to secure experienced general business counsel in order to give your business the strongest possible foundation for success.

Hartmann Law can provide you with legal representation throughout each stage of your business, from startup to disposition.

By way of example, but not limitation, Ms. Hartmann provides the following services:

  • Creating business entities such as Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Partnerships, Limited liability Partnerships and professional entities of all kinds
  • Drafting operating agreements corporate bylaws, shareholder agreements, membership interest agreements, limited partnership agreements and partnership agreements and certain employee benefit plans
  • Drafting business policies, and management agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating vendor agreements
  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • Business Succession
  • Planning for dissolution

Subscription Based In-House General Counsel Services your Business Can Afford

A small business owner may consider having an in-house General Counsel to be an unaffordable luxury, however, Hartmann Law works with you offering several volume based subscription services that can be adjusted to allow a greater or lesser number of hours as your forecasted legal needs may increase or reduce.  This makes it possible for Business Owners to have the legal advice they need, when they need it and at a budgeted cost they can afford.

Reduced Hourly Rate 

What if you require additional services beyond the scope of your subscription agreement?  No problem!  Should services offered by Hartmann Law LLC be needed for your Company that expand beyond your subscription package, so long as you remain current in a subscription, you will be entitled to reduced hourly rates.  

Advice When You Need It

Ms. Hartmann understands how critical it is to receive timely, sound advice in order to achieve short and long term business goals. Many a client have disclosed that they have put off the call to an attorney fearing uncertainty and costly fees.  Having a General Counsel arrangement removes the unknown and often exorbitant costs that may be incurred while an unfamiliar firm gets up to speed learning about your business, and then your pressing legal issue at hand.  And it reduces the possibility the Business will fail to timely act, when such inaction may cause injury to the Business.   Legal competence, familiarity with the Owner's priorities, Business objectives, and  creative legal solutions specifically tailored to the individual Client's needs will assist business owners in understanding how to most effectively operate their business.   

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