Transparency is not the norm with estate plans. But maybe it should be.

Posted by ANGELA RICH HARTMANN | Apr 13, 2022

It's Time to Shed the Taboo of Speaking about Finances and Death

Most of my Clients have one thing in common.  They believe their finances and legacy planning are private matters.  A recent Bloomberg Article written by Suzanne Wooley, confirmed this commonality.  Whether because they believe it's unnecessary,  burdensome, it will cause conflict or it is simply none of their business, people avoid discussions about their money and estate planing with their families.   

According to the article, more than two thirds of people survey indicated the desire to pass generational wealth was important to them.  Whether from the initial planning or as the Life and Legacy Plan evolves, discussing the intent and mechanics of administration with those who will ultimately be in charge can be of great benefit.   In addition, it offers an opportunity to educate those next in line to and create smooth transitions when the necessitating event already is burdened with emotion and stress.  There are times when it is not only beneficial but necessary to discuss these delicate topics with those you trust!

Read the complete Bloomberg Article Here.


The reasons people have for keeping their finances and estate planning private may be of greater importance than the benefits that disclosure that open communications may create.  And that is ok!

But when talking about your money and making plans for the inevitable can educate or create ease during loss, transparency may be best for all involved.  

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