Clarifying Confusion Around New Jersey Land Use Applications

Posted by ANGELA RICH HARTMANN | Jun 01, 2021

If you are a New Jersey resident looking to make improvements or changes to your home or commercial property, you may need to file a land use application to make that happen. Each municipality across the state of New Jersey operates independently when it comes to land use applications, often leading to confusion and delays.

What is a Land Use Application?

A land use application is used whenever an owner of real estate wants to use their property in a way that requires an exception or change to the regular zoning laws for that property. This change in the zoning law for that specific property would be known as a variance. If you wanted to add a swimming pool or build an addition to your home, then you will likely need to file a land use application to request a variance so you can make those changes to your property legally. Any changes made to your property against the current zoning regulations can result in significant sanctions.

What is the General Process for a Land Use Application?

Even though most municipalities operate in their own way when it comes to land use applications, they must follow the time frames set by the Municipal Land Use Law, the state statute that governs how land can be used within the state. Once an application is filed properly, including the property owner's name, the property's description, and requested variance, the municipality board has 45 days to decide if the application is complete and if a hearing on the matter should be scheduled. You will likely need to notify any nearby property owners in case they might have any objections to the proposed variance. The board will then decide whether to approve your proposed change. Don't go it alone; call us at Hartmann Law so we can help!

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